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How to custom design a marquee tent canopy? What can be customized on a temporary tent structure?

As a professional tent manufacturing company, SHELTER is dedicated to providing affordable tent solutions to cater all needs. That’s why we also offer custom designed clear span tent solutions to meet the overall design concept or special need. So, what can be changed on a tent? And how they can be altered? Let’s keep reading and figure that out.

10 Things That Can Be Customized on a Marquee Tent

1. Tent Profile Dimension and Framework Color

For each tent series, SHELTER offer 2 – 3 different main profile dimensions for your option. The framework can be custom made to be smaller or larger to meet the budget or enhance weather withstand features.
Furthermore, Framework color can also be custom made to match the design theme. Take a look at the wedding reception solutions that we offer to a wedding park and get more idea.
Project study:

  • Wedding Marquee Tent with custom designed frame color.
  • 2. Tent Dimensions including Width Length Height

    For each series, they do have their standard size range. But, the dimension, including width length and height, can all be custom made to meet the actual needs. The width are available to be custom made within the range of 3m to 60m, and the length is expandable with 3m / 5m units. When it comes to the eave height, it is customizable to be 4m – 8m. Some tent series, such as the Tfs sports structure, can even reach the ridge height of 13m.
    Project study:

    1. Arched Event Tent in 12m Custom Designed Width
    2. Large Trade Show Tent in the Length of 180m
    3. Luxury Wedding Reception Tent in 6m Height

    3. Tent Covering Tarp Color and Graphics Printing

    For some occasions. it requires the temporary structure to be eye-catching and attractive to reach the purpose of branding and commercial promotions. That’s why SHELTER offer clear span event tent with custom designed graphics and color for sale to emphasize your brand name/logo or event theme.
    Project study:

    1. Wedding Reception Marquees in Custom Designed Tent Tarp
    2. Commercial Branding Tent in Theme Color
    3. Arcum Exhibition Tent with Customized Graphic for Lego Show

    4.Sidewall System and Floor Material

    For the applications such as the industrial warehouse and temporary outdoor conference hall, a fabric frame tent should also be enclosed with a durable and decent side wall and floor system to secure the cargo or offer a formal event venue. Side wall systems are optional among PVC fabric, ABS solid plastic wall, glass wall, sandwich panel wall and corrugated steel panel, while cassette floor can also be made.
    Project study:

    1. Temporary Storage Building with Industrial Wall System
    2. High Peak Banquet Tent with ABS wall system
    3. Business Tent with Cassette Floor for Patio Restaurant and Cafe.

    5.Ventilation Window Systems

    Ventilation window system does not only enhance indoor Air circulation but also leading sunlight into the marquee tent. It helps to create a bright and comfortable dining environment. That’s why windows are needed, no matter on large fabric tents or on small canopy tents. SHELTER offer openable clear PVC windows and french PVC windows to erect an elegant wedding reception.
    Project study:

    1. Marquee Tent with PVC French Windows for Garden Wedding
    2. Clear span party tent with open side walls
    3. Military Shelter Tents with Ventilation Windows

    6.Door Systems

    If you want to build an exquisite banquet hall, how could you ever forget attaching an elegant door system? SHELTER offer glass doors to pair up with the French PVC windows or the glass wall.
    For Industrial storage tents, we also offer roll-up shutter doors and aluminum warehouse doors.
    Project study:

    1. Temporary Warehouse Tent with Roller Shutter Door
    2. Conference Event Tent with Glass Wall and Doors

    7.Extra insulation layer

    High temperature and long-term exposure must be the most challenging element of having events under a clear span tents structure during summer, extremely cold winter or in those tropical countries. Other than setting air conditioner, SHETLER also provides extra insulation layer, such as linen or sun-blocking material on the roof to maintain interior temperature.
    Project study:

    1. Luxury Wedding Marquee with Decorations
    2. Indoor Football/Fustal Court with Insulation Layer
    3. Fabric Frame Tent With Linen for Outdoor Conference

    8. Overhanging Gable/Eave Expansion

    How to cover a temporary lounge and one banquet/catering hall with only one tent marquee? Customizing a clear span tent with overhanging gable/eave expansion might be the most comment solution among all. It is both elegant and multifunctional. While the main body part is used as banquet or hospitality tent, the overhanging expansion can be used to cover patio seating, registration desk or outdoor lounge.
    Project study:

    1. Arch Event Lounge Tent with Overhanging Expansion
    2. Curved Dining Tent With Eave Expansion to Cover Restaurant Patio Seats
    3. “A” Frame Tent With Gable Expansion for Outdoor Banquet

    9.Turnkey Solutions

    For those tent rental dealers who require tent structures in different sizes to cater different scale of events, weddings, or exhibitions, SHELTER comes up with the turnkey solution to cut the cost of buying tents. For example, a temporary event tent in the clear span width of 30 meters, can be transformed into a 10m tent canopy or a 20m marquee tent.

    10.Fixation Methods

    According to varied ground condition, the fixation methods are different as well.
    We recommend using expansion bolts for semi-permanent installation on solid ground, inserting anchor on grass or soft land, and using a bearing box on beach or sand land.
    Project study:

    1. Clear Tent for Outdoor Royal Wedding Banquet ( Fixed with Expansion Bolt )
    2. White Hybrid Marquee For Party in Wedding Center ( fixed on wooden base with anchor )
    3. Clear span wedding tent for beach party( fixed with bearing box )

    If you have any other custom made idea, Why not tell us your needs and custom made details, and let’s work out a solution together.