tent solutions - shelter-acrum-marquee-exhibition-tent-for-Lego-Exhibition-UK--(1)

tent solutions - shelter-acrum-marquee-exhibition-tent-for-Lego-Exhibition-UK--(4)
tent solutions - shelter-acrum-marquee-exhibition-tent-for-Lego-Exhibition-UK--(3)

 Project Details  Tent Product: Curved Roof Tent – Arcum Marquee
Dimension: 30 x 70 meters | covering 2100 square meters.
(approximately 98 ft by 230 ft | covering over 22600 sq ft.)
Accommodation:up to 2000 attendance
Application: Temporary Exhibition Tent Hall
Additional Service: Custom design graphic painting

High Quality Tent Solutions for Temporary Art Gallery and Product Launched Events

It has been a great experience working with the talented DC designing group, to create the one of a kind exhibition marquee for annual Lego bricks expo.

The A frame tent itself is a clear span structure that without interior column, not only allowing 100% functional space, but also avoiding the impact of the internal beams on overall layout design.
What’s more, the event tent marquees from SHETLER are framed with stainless aluminum alloy. All are proven to be waterproof, 100km/h – 120km/h (60 – 75 MPH) wind withstand, snow load, flame retardant, and share 20+ years lifespan.

SHELTER tries all efforts to make this the final step for event tents searching. Therefore, we also offer Chinese hat canopy to make small reception, pop up retail booth or inquiry station.

Customized Tent Solutions for Special Themed Events

Different from traditional event tents covering with white PVC tarp, this marquee for Lego Show is printed with custom designed graphic and comics all over from the roof to the side wall. Not only highlights the event theme, but also make it stands out from the surroundings immediately.

In order to satisfy needs of building a unique wedding & event center, or tents for commercial branding events, SHELTER also offer custom designed service to help personalize a tent, ranging from the tent size (including width length height), sidewall material, interior accessories to customize tarp color, graphic.

We also offer geodesic dome tent in the dimensions of Dia.3m to 30m with an eye-catching sphere appearance for sale. To make your brand kit the most special one comparing to others.
Tell us your needs and applications to find the best tent solutions and get a quote.