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Arcum Wedding Tent with Clear Roof Hosting 150 – 200 Seats for Outdoor Marriage Party

What’s the point of having a sea-island wedding ceremony? Of course, it is all about the beautiful beach and stunning sunset view.
Recently, SHELTER has offered the arch tent with clear roof for a romantic outdoor wedding reception. Both the roof and the side walls are totally clear to allow natural sunlight, and also offer an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery.

tent with clear roof - wedding marquee tent for sale - 15 by 30m clear top arch tent for wedding banquet and party gathering 1

Zipper Doors for Ventilation of the Wedding Tent with Clear Roof

For the solution of tent ventilation, SHELTER has specially designed the transparent tarp walls with zipper doors. It could be open when daytime to allow air ventilation. And pulled up for temperature control when the party started. For a more elegant wedding tent structure, the clear/white roof tent with glass wall might also be another ideal option.

More Options for the Wedding Tents to Cater Your Needs

The wedding reception tent with clear roof is temporarily set in the garden with anchors. Making the marquee completely detachable and relocatable. On the other hand, we would highly recommend the tent marquee fixed with expansion bolts if you are looking for a semi-permanent structure to build a wedding hall in event center or hotel & resort. It looks just the same as a fixed building, but more open to the outdoors, and quicker to install.
As for the tent design, SHELTER offers a wide range of wedding tents in different shapes and size. Tents are available in clear span widths from 5m – 60m, eave height in 4m – 8m. For the tent shapes, besides the arch shape, we also offer hexagon/decagon tent, multi arch polygonal tents, and even geodesic domes for your options.

Wedding Tent With Clear Roof for Sale Worldwide

SHELTER is an experienced tent designer, manufacturer, and trader selling products worldwide. Such a banquet tent with clear roof does not only popular among those sea-island wedding destinations such as Bali, Phuket, Saipan, Mauritius, Guam, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Palau, Virgin Island and etc. It is also favored in countries like US, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, France, Australia and etc.

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