Dining Tent Marquee for Temporary Restaurant Structure & Banquet Hall - een moment met vlinders - tents structures with roof overhangs for an extra covered patio extension (7)

Project Info Card
Tent Product Arched Roof Tent
Dimension Total Covering: 20 x 15 meters – 65 ft by 50 ft – 300 m2
Main hall: 10 x 15 meters – 33 ft by 50 ft
Patio extension: 5 x 15 m for each side
Capacity 80 – 100 indoor seating in round table for 6
Application Themed Restaurant and Exhibit Hall
Project highlight 1.Overhang eave extension for extra lounge
2.Custom designed graphic painting

Dining Tent with Patio Extensions for Additional Outdoor Lounge

SHELTER sells the arched marquee to Een Moment Met Vlinders, Belgium to be a temporary exhibit & dining tent hall. We are glad to see the butterflies living happily, and all the guests are having a quality time under a tent shelter.
The temporary tent structure is meant to set along the beach for 3 months to exhibit butterflies and commercial banquet. Therefore, we use the temporary fixation method of bearing basket to firmly install the dining hall, while leaving no trace mark after disassembly. Moreover, the modular frame tent is reusable and relocatable at any time, on any ground surface.

Temporary Dining Tent with Bespoke Overhanging Patio Extension

The dining tent marquee framed with hard press extruded aluminum alloy and surrounded by solid glass wall is proven to be waterproof, withstand wind at a speed of 100 km/h and sun-blocking.
What makes this banquet tent functional and commercial friendly is the overhanging eave extensions on both sides. They create an indoor banquet hall and an attached patio extension. Similarly, tent marquee with gable extension at the either/both ends can be added for a covered patio seating or reception.All of those can be made with only ONE tent.