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Ecological Dome – One of the most popular glamping habitation tent

As one of the newest glamping dwelling tent, the ecological dome tent has become the most popular and cost-efficient structure type for starting a glamping business. Why most of campsite owners would choose the dome over other glamping tents? Here comes the reason.

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  • Robust geodesic dome structures for weather resistant.
  • Inherited the stability from the geodesic structure, the glamping dome igloo can withstand wind at the speed of 100km/h. The whole structure is framed up with special treated steel tube to ensure a lifespan of 15+ years.

  • Flexible fixation method to minimize harm to ground surface.
  • Shelter Dome has established a complete system for installing the eco dome on different ground surface. No matter it is the cement ground, the soft undestroyable grassland or uneven mountain area, we can help you firmly set up a dome resort without doing harm to the ground surface.

  • Spacious and practical space for 2 people accommodation.
  • Shelter Dome offers the geodesic dome in a multiple sizes, to cover grounds ranging from 20 sqm to 50 sqm. It could be the rustic cabin, as well as a luxury suite to provide accommodation at different levels and prices.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Ranging from the size, the color of the PVC tarpaulin, the window type and amount, to the insulation material can all be customized. The custom design ecological dome is aimed to be the one-of-a-kind dwelling space for your stylish and unique campsite.

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Geodome tent from Shelter Dome comes in a competitive price, making it the cost-effective but also nice looking tent option for a glamping eco-resort project.

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    Interior design suggestion for a more livable, functional and ecological dome

    The ecological dome tent is in the diameter of 7m (23 ft), height of 3.5m (11 ft), totally covering a ground of 38.5 sqm (414 sq.ft). The eco-living dome without any interior span allows to make the most of a covered space. The designer takes full advantage of the partition wall and separates the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with only two panels. To fully utilize floor space while meeting basic accommodations.
    Futhermore, that makes more spare space for setting up sofa and dining tables in front of the clear bay window to enjoy the best sunset scenery.

    Glamping tents in various designs for dining area or larger accommodation space

    Not only being used for dwelling, the geodesic dome tent is also widely used for camp ground activities and dining. The most popular size the event & dining domes are dia.8m 10m 15m and 25m, hosting 30 to 250 people. If seeking for a smaller dome to build outdoor private lounge area, the 4m or 5m geodome will be the solution.