igloo bars---pop-up-dome-cafe---pop-up-themed-igloo-dome-coffee-shop-by-the-restaurant-or-hotel---Pier-one-hotel-by-the-Sydney-harbour---patio-dome-seats-33

Igloo bars domes for Patio Seats outside the Pier One hotel.

In those winter days of limited sunlight, wouldn’t you be more eager to go outdoors and embrace the sun? Of course, you will. But it’s icing cold out there. This will never be the problem anymore. SHELTER had recently offered those clear dome tents to build igloo bars outside Pier One hotel, by the Sydney Harbour. Those dome units make up the private suites along the bank and offer stunning harbour views. It is the perfect place for small party or friends gathering.
igloo bars---pop-up-dome-cafe---pop-up-themed-igloo-dome-coffee-shop-by-the-restaurant-or-hotel---Pier-one-hotel-by-the-Sydney-harbour---patio-dome-seats002

Leisure Lounge Space under Igloo Bars Domes

  • Clear dome tent to embrace a beautiful view. The igloo bars in steel frame structure are covered with clear PVC tarp. Making it completely transparent to offer an unblocked view throughout the day and night. Guests are under a waterproof cover even when heavy rain.
  • Leisure space with decorations. The geodesic dome tents allow decorations fireplace, air conditioner, beanbag chair, carpet and etc, to offer a covered outdoor lounge for chatting and catering.
  • Varied door options for a private dome space. SHELTER has also prepared a wide range of door options to enclose a dome. Whether you want it to be enclosed with glass doors, transparent PVC door or just simply keep it opened, all those can be achieved through custom designed service.

igloo bars---pop-up-dome-cafe---pop-up-themed-igloo-dome-coffee-shop-by-the-restaurant-or-hotel---Pier-one-hotel-by-the-Sydney-harbour---patio-dome-seats-0002jpg

What else to do with a Igloo Dome Tent?

Not just being a restaurant dome, SHELTER has specially designed and manufactured dome tents in the dimension ranging from Dia.4m to Dia.30m for residential or commercial applications.

  • Solutions of commercial domes. It can be used as a branding dome when printed with custom designed graphic. Or a projection dome theater when equipped with immersive projection facilities. Or an outdoor yoga dome classroom. Even an igloo-theme resort chalet when decorated with living facilities.
  • Solutions of residential dome tent. If you have the plan to build a garden igloo for patio lounge, a small backyard greenhouse, or dome for private party, our dome tents can absolutely meet your needs.
igloo bars---pop-up-domae-cafe---pop-up-themed-igloo-dome-coffee-shop-by-the-restaurant-or-hotel---Pier-one-hotel-by-the-Sydney-harbour---patio-dome-seats-000
igloo bars---pop-up-domae-cafe---pop-up-themed-igloo-dome-coffee-shop-by-the-restaurant-or-hotel---Pier-one-hotel-by-the-Sydney-harbour---patio-dome-seats-0002a