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Geodome Tent in 12m (39 ft) diameter for shopping mall branding event

How to successfully organize a seasonal promotion event attracting more customers to your shopping hall and make more profit during the discount season? Our client comes up with this brilliant idea of throwing a confetti event under the geodome tent to attract more customer to make a purchase by giving those discount coupons. And both the kids and grown-ups enjoy playing under the dome as well.
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Rapid Installed Geodome Tent Designed For Company Branding Event

The geodesic dome igloo from SHELTER is the steel structure covering with PVC coated polyester fabric. Every dome contains over a hundred steel tube and components. Such a structure makes the dome durable, wind withstand, and snow resistant. But would that make it hard to install a dome tent. Actually, not at all. The amounts of the steel tube might be large, but not the type. It takes 4 – 8 hours and 3 people to install a dome in the dimension from 5m to 15m.
in order to make the geodesic dome tents more suitable for promotion events,dome with brand graphic or logo, or igloo tent with  square or round doors can also be made to meet specific needs.
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Portable Mobile Geodome Tent for Indoor & Outdoor Events

Such a prefabricated geodesic dome structure is easy to assemble and disassemble. And completely reusable and reconstruct in any location. Let along being used for promotion events, the dome igloo with an eye-catching sphere shape is also being used as:

  • Catering/banquet dome. Such a Dia.12m dome covering a floor area of 113 m2 would be able to hold 150 people for standing, 100 people for row seating, and 80 people seated in round table. Bigger dome can be made to meet larger guest capacity.
  • Pop up restaurant, bar or dome cafe. Also being used for business purposes, the geodome tent do not only make the waterproof covers for outdoor cafe or patio seats, but also offer relatively isolated space for private gathering.
  • Exhibition reception or temporary VIP suites.Such a easy installation dome tents can also be used for temporary reception booth to offer a comfortable lounge for VIP Guests.

What’s more, if you are trying to find a dome tent only to cover the event stage instead of the whole event venue. Our amphitheater dome tent would absolutely be the cost-effective option.