horse stable tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-3

horse stable tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-2
horse stable tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-36

Fast Erected Metal Horse Barn Tent For Sale In America

Shelter has 13 years experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling aluminum tent structures. We offer those agricultural tents for metal horse stables. The whole structures is stainless and durable enough to stand for more than 20 years.

Metal Horse Barn – A Stable Shelter for horses

Not only the rider, the horse itself is also an essential part for horse racing. Therefore, horses should be raised under a comfortable and safe environment. Shelter supply horse stable tent framed by aluminum alloy and connected with galvanized steel components. What about windy and rainy days? All the PVC tarps have been through water proof procedure, and the aluminum structure itself can withstand a wind at the speed of 80km/h ~ 100km/h. Flexible fixation methods are also provided to help you firmly install a tent. Not just for horse keeping, the fabric structure also create an covered, indoor equestrian training arena of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing.


Model Width
Eave Height
Ridge Height
Bay Distance
Longest Part
Max Wind Load
S008003 8 2.70 4.20 3 4.35 80km/h
S010003 10 2.70 4.53 3 5.36 80km/h
S012003 12 2.70 4.87 3 6.35 80km/h
M015005 15 3.95 6.40 5 8.10 100km/h
M016005 16 3.95 6.55 5 8.60 100km/h
M020005 20 3.95 7.30 5 10.70 100km/h