Equestrian Tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-48

Equestrian Tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-55
Equestrian Tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-88

Clear Span Equestrian Tent Create Larger Indoor Horse Riding Arena

All of Shelter’s aluminum tents are the clear span sports tent for equestrian training court . This will not only increase the floor area of the indoor riding arena, but also prevent horses or riders hit the beams and get injured. Whats more, the whole structure ranging from the main profile to the covering material is water proof. In that case, your training schdule will never be delayed because of bad weather. Also thanks to the modular structures, the whole equestrian tent can be installed within hours or days and completely relocatable.

About Custom Design & Service

When talking about custom design, you may not believe that the width, length, height or even insulated solutions can all be customized.  And we also offer on-site installation instruction by sending engineer to your jobsite.