24 Sides Yuma Tent – Multi Side Marquee for The Desert Trip

The Desert Trip, fondly referred to as “Oldchella”. The festival was held at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA, just the same as Coachelle, which takes place in the same location in the spring. The little nickname mainly comes from the six groups of lengendary rock musicians who were popular from the 60s. But who cares, who said you can’t rock even 70. Rock n roll never die.

40m Wide Yuma Tent for Temporary Lounge, Banquet Tent, Shed Canopy

And shelter is glad to be a part of this remarkable music event. Our 24 Side Bellend Tent covering a ground of 1600 sqm is served as a temporary lounge hall, food court for all the participants. The Yuma tent is in the similar look of the Bellend Tent/Sahara Tent for Coachella. All of our tents are framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy (T6061/T6) and the superior enclosure is connected with hot dip galvanized steel. And the roof canvas of this Yuma tent is 850g/sqm sun-blocking insulated PVC tarpaulins offering a comfort resting place for all the audience.