Sports tent- sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-130

Sports tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-123

Sports tent - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-105

Aluminum Framed Sports Tent Create Indoor Baksetball Gym

After 13 years’ development and improvement, we have accumulated rich experience in the aluminum tent designing, manufacturing and installing.
This modular sports tent of PVC fabric and aluminum alloy, which is easily and quickly installed & uninstalled, allows the sports construction to be firmly installed permanently or semi-permanently.

Thanks to such a clear span structure, the flooring area can be fully used. Without interior beams, the sports tent can be adapted to any type of sport (basketball, tennis, cricket, handball, badminton, indoor soccer, paddle, squash, etc). It is an innovative technology at the service of municipalities and the world of sport.

About Shelter’s Sports Tent

More and more people are practicing all types of sports on outdoor tracks, but sometimes they might be interrupted because of the rains, cold and excessive heat. That’s why you might need a tent shed to ensure a smooth sporting process. All the structures are covered with waterproof PVC tarp. Our structures are studied and prepared to withstand loads of snow and winds of up to 120 km / h.  And we offer those sports tent selling in the width from 3m to 60m added with umlimted length and custom eave height. Not matter which country you are at, we provide timely delivery.

 Size & Specification

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