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Mixed Party Tent-01 Mixed Party Tent-02 bellend mixed party tent 40mimage3 yuma tent

Mixed Party Tent for Sale

Mixed Party Tents are tents in different shapes combined together for party or other events. We can mix several tents that you like to make an entire new out look for a stunning party celebration. For exampls we use elegant high peak pagoda tent for reception area and another polygonal tents for dancing hall, A frame tent for catering, and arch narrow tents for  lounge halls and bellend marquee for outdoor theater etc. We can customize all tents according to your location. Our Mixed tents are popular in high profile events and celebration activities home and abroad. We deliver our structures to hundreds of countries for the last decade. We also support our clients in tent installation and maintentance by sending our technicians to their job-site.

You may worry about the size of the field when you hold a party. The mixed party tent can solve the problem for you with its unlimited space. The mixed party tent have 4 range span, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m respectively, and the length of the commonly used size can be infinite extended in multiples of 3 meters.



Wholesale Used 6 x 6 Party Tent Canopy for WeddingsCanopy Tent-Gazebo Tent-Raj Tent-36

Canopy Tent-Gazebo Tent-39



C Series-3x3mC Series-8x8m

C Series-5x5mC Series-10x10m

High Peak Marquee 6 x 6m Wedding Canopy

The size of this wholesale used high peaked tent is 6 m by 6 m, for this series, 6 kinds of standard width is optional including 3 m/4 m/5 m/6 m/8 m/10 m. Tent space can be extended because each tent unit share the bay with the adjacent tent. The style and color of tarpaulin sidewalls is also can be choose. We also provide commercial event tent, temporary warehouse tent, garden tent, double decker tent etc.



Luxury Outside Commercial Event Tent for Sale Luxury Outside Commercial Event Tent for Sale

Large Commercial Event Tent for Sale

Description : 1) the structure is made of aluminum frame with high strength and waterproof sun-shaded PVC tarpaulin sidewalls 2) We have many accessories as option, PVC tarpaulin wall, glass wall and sandwich panel wall 3) indoor facilities can be added ( air conditioning system, lighting system, rain gutter system and ventilation system etc. 4) no pole design, 100% space is available 5) lightweight, easy- to- assemble and portable 6) perfect for weddings, exhibitions, commercial events or other occasions.

TFS-xijie TFS-Specifications

 Clear Tents for Weddings for Sale in China

 Clear Tents for Weddings for Sale in China


Clear Tent for New Products Launch

Shelter’s clear tents and Transparent marquees are your perfect choice for party. We have all sizes in stock for sale. Clear tent offers an elegant and colorful view for wedding and party. In the daytime, transparent fabric cover allows sunshine get through the tent and offers brightness inside the tent and also allows people inside the tent see everything outside of the tent. In the night, colorful lighting inside the tent gives amazing sparkling out of the tent. Clear roof marquee is really a better choice when you are selecting a marquee for a fabulous party or wedding. Want to know more about Shelter’s Clear Top tent and Transparent Roof marquee plz contact

The greatest feature of our tent, in addition to good quality, is the variety of accessories as option. Transparent glass sidewalls is one of the most popular choice for decorating for the sense of elegance. Other accessories includes lighting system, air conditioning system, ventilation system or gutter system etc. Plus tent installation is easy and fast.


Out door party tents

Canopy Tent-Gazebo Tent-Raj Tent-36 Canopy Tent-Gazebo Tent-39

Gazebo Party Tent for Sale

The outdoor gazebo tent with a unique design is the perfect choice for parties. Its unique design  is favored because its appearance can be changed by different color combination., for example, snow-white roof with the curtain with golden edge and the ground is rolled out the carpet, that makes the party become more advanced.





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