temporary sports buildings - Shelter-TFS-35x60m-Sport-tent-Football-court-cover-sport-hall--(12)

temporary sports buildings - Shelter TFS 35x60m Sport tent Football court cover sport hall (10)

temporary sports buildings - Shelter-TFS-35x60m-Sport-tent-Football-court-cover-sport-hall-3

35m x 60m Temporary Sports Buildings for Center Circle Indoor Sports, NJ, USA

Shelter Tent designs and manufactures such a curved roof structure with double layer roof measuring 35m (115 ft) in width and 60m (200 ft) in length for an Indoor sports complex in NJ, United States.
The tension fabric structures itself is a modular building that with extraordinary height ranging from 8.79m to 19.50m. Such an outstanding height creates more covered space for sports that involved pitching and kicking, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, American football, tennis, volleyball, cricket, or gym center.

Temporary Sports Buildings with double layer membrane for better heat insulation

Being covered with 850g/sqm PVC for the outer layer and 650g/sqm for inner one, the building with a compartment in between would greatly reduce heat, and maintain a comfortable indoor sports environment. The covering material is testified to be flame retardant according to EU standard DIN4102, B1, M2 and US standard NFPA701.
Let along the insulated covering material, the whole structure is framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy and fixed with hot dip galvanized steel, giving it a long lifespan of over 20 years. And also 120km/h (75 MPH) wind withstand.
In order to make a more secured and comfortable sports hall, HVAC system and enclosed doors system are also provided if required.

How much does temporary sports buildings cost?

The cost of a standard indoor sports arena is based on the width, length, and the covering material. We offer those tension fabric buildings in the width from 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 50m, 60m, associated with unlimitedly expanded length by adding 5m unites. This modular structure can be built with little manpower and material cost in few days. Not only saving the construction expense, but also reducing maintenance costs.
We have a professional sales team to offer the most economical turnkey solutions for your needs. What’s more? Shelter is the aluminum clear tent manufacturer. You can directly import temporary sports buildings in high quality, directly from China manufacturer with an affordable price.