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As a glamping complex facing all travelers, it is supposed to offer diverse accommodation solutions according to its capacity and facilities to satisfy consumers with various requirements. A forest campsite that we participate in constructing could be the project for reference.

The glamping lodge is located in a subtropical monsoon climate zone. It is warm and humid throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine, hot temperatures, and abundant rainfall in summer.

With the installation of different accommodation types, there are standard domes for couples and luxury tented suites for family stay.

The low-density accommodations are built on the mountainside, surrounded by lush woods, blending a beautiful view with well-kept privacy.

Accommodation Solutions for Glamping tents hotel

The ellipsoid tent is a new product that was developed based on the dome. They are both the steel structures that frame with powder-coated steel pipes. The profile could effectively prevent rust problems caused by long-term exposure.

The spherical tents are available in diameters of 6 meters, 7 meters as well as 8 meters, with total areas from ​​28 sqm to 50 sqm square meters. And in this project, our client choose the dia.6m one.

The oval dome tent measures 5 meters x 8 meters, with a total area of ​​31 square meters.

The two designs both equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, seating areas, a large bay window, and a clear skylight window. Equipped with insulation cotton layer, it is more comfortable and livable no matter summer or winter.

Different from the dwell domes mentioned above, the glass dome house is framed with aluminum alloy ( T6061/T6 ) and covered with glass panel plates. No matter which angles looking out from, you can fully enjoy a panoramic view of the breathtaking scenery.

We offer glass domes of 6-30 meters in diameter for not only habitation but also for dining reception, and event hospitality.

The triple-peak tent composed of three 3.6m regular hexagons covers a total area of 96 square meters. It is the luxurious double suite or a family suite for 2-4 people glamping stay.  The tensile fabric covered on top forms a wide viewing platform and activities area. It includes one bedroom, one large living room and a bathroom.

Kids could play outdoor while parents make barbecues.

  • Dining, Cafe and reception tents

In addition to the accommodation facilities, the dome tents can group up to make dining and activity areas. The dome combination of 5 meters, 6 meters, and 10 meters construct entertainment area. It applies aisles to separate functional areas creates a reception front desk and cafe, children’s activity area, and yoga classroom.

Work with Shelter to start up glamping tents hotel business

Shelter has specifically established a sub-brand, Glitzcamp, for providing glamping tent solutions.

For more products and details, please visit www.glitzcamp.com.

dwell dome sale - 7m (30ft) glamping dome tent - well planned interior design - with insulation and heater (3)

The 7m (23ft) glamping dome igloo that was constructed in a garden offers a weekend escape destination for families and couples.
Before coming to us, the client had the whole layout planning for his campsite and know exactly how the dwell dome should be like. Among many suppliers, he chose us. See how Shelter Structure works with our client to create a cozy outdoor living space.

Satisfying Dwell Dome Solutions for Glamping in Cold Area

1. Frame structure. Similar to most spherical domes in the event and glamping industry, our domes are framed with steel round tubes. What makes a difference is that our pipes are powder coated.  Giving it the performance of rust prevention. By means of connection points optimization, our structure can withstand strong winds.

2. Tarpaulin material. The spherical tent uses both the 850g/sqm sunblocking PVC and 950g/sqm transparent tarpaulins to cover its roof. Therefore, it comes with features of waterproof, thermal insulation and flame retardant. Suitable for 4 season glamping lodge no matter in humid, hot rainy areas or cold snowy zone.

3. Thermal insulation cotton. The insulation layer can isolate hot/cold air from outside. To achieve the effect of thermal insulation in winter and cooling in summer.

4. Viewing and ventilation windows. The standard glamping dome comes with a large viewing window. According to the customer’s requirements, we designed a transparent skylight window on top to obtain a panoramic view of the wonderful stunning landscape or for stargazing. And an openable meshed is added for air circulation when summer.

5. Additional services. Knowing that the temperature is quite low in winter, sometimes even snow around the project location, we specially make an exhaust pipe opening on the tarp for stove/heater installation.

Optimized Interior Design to Expand utilizable space

Far more than being cozy and livable, the dwell dome in this project is also modern and functional after well-planned. Our client and a professional design team take charge of space planning and decorating. Take it as a reference and get inspiration.

Getting inspiration from small apartment layout planning, our client decided to extend the space vertically. And divided the sleeping area, bathroom, and rest area within a limited area.

Bathroom Space. Opening up the door, which shows in front of you is the bathroom space. Different from the other bathroom, our client built an indoor cabin to clearly divide the bathroom area apart from the others. Meanwhile, the cabin is installed with one-way glass windows. You can enjoy the view when bathing without worrying about privacy.

Sleeping area. In addition to the bathroom, the cottage is also where the second bedroom is located at. There are two beds in this 7-meter dome. One is the king-size bed that faces the bay window. and the other is above the bathroom facing the skylight window. This is exactly the longitudinal extension of the space mentioned above. And you can lay down on bed to admire the beautiful night view.

Rest area. Facing the large bay window is the lounge area where a small double sofa, table and chairs can be placed. For guests to enjoy the quiet afternoon, have a cup of coffee, chat with friends and so on.

Share your creative ideas with us

Although the dwell dome only covers 38 square meters,  because of the reasonable space layout planning, the entire tent space is comfortable and practical. Furthermore, you can reduce the size of the bathroom to create a mini-bar or kitchen area.

A dwell dome from Shelter Structures is not only robust and utilized, but also nice-looking attractive and cost-effective.

We are expecting to work with you and explore more possibilities of the glamping domes.

Eco Living Dome - 6m Glamping Dome - - Ecodome for Eco-resort - Resort Dome - Shelter Dome (3)

6m Diameter Eco Living Dome Tent for Glamping Resort on Grassland

If you own a land by the lake, on the mountain or grassland. Why not consider combining the comfort of an accommodation and the beauty of the landscape together, and start a glamping resort business with the Eco Living Dome from SHELTER.
Not just applying as projection event dome and promotion dome tents in the event industry, the tent being used as eco living dome has also become a favorite in glamping industry.
Eco Living Dome - 6m Glamping Dome - Ecodome for Eco-resort - Resort Dome - Shelter Dome (8)

Project Detail of the Eco Living Dome for Glamping Campsite

The glamping dome tent in a diameter of 6 meters (20 ft), covers a floor area of 28.26 square meters (304 sq.ft). It is spacious enough to hold two people for a comfortable night.

Inside of the dome is the living facilities including a queen size bed, two chairs, one side table and one nightstand. This is what you can get from a Lite version of the eco living dome, which is without bathroom. Of course, as a professional dome tent manufacturer, we also provide large dome in Dia.7m 8m 10m with attached bathroom to offer a more convenient resort dome room.
Eco Living Dome - 6m Glamping Dome - Ecodome for Eco-resort - Resort Dome - Shelter Dome (6)
As for the overall appearance, the eco living dome is 30% clear, and 70% white. Such a design do not only allow natural sunlight but also provide a perfect indoor viewing deck, as well as protecting personal privacy.
Being installed on the wooden deck, the glamping resort dome also comes along with an outdoor viewing deck to allow merging with nature. How leisure it is when sitting outdoor, admiring the view and enjoying a coffee.

Dining Tent Hall and Recreation Dome to complete a Glamping Campsite

When it comes to a glamping campsite, it should never only be about the accommodation, but also about the recreation. Therefore, SHELTER also offers Hexagon/Octagon/Decagon catering tent for dining hall, and dia.5m – 20m geodesic dome igloo for yoga classroom or reception lounge.

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