dome cinema - 10m-Projection-Sphere-with-Golden-PVC-Cover---Projection-Dome---Innovative-Structure- 720°-Full-Sphere-Projection-Dome-Theater-in-Dia.10m-for-Project-Display 2

Dia.10m Innovative Projection Dome Cinema

— Dome 2.0 for a more realistic experience

Instead of giving to a plain presentation, is there any better ways to simulate the whole project process, than having it showed in front of you, under a 360° immersive projection dome cinema?  Of course, yes. SHELTER has the projection dome plus – 720° Spherical Projection Dome to bring branding events or projection convention/presentation into a whole new level.

How does the event dome tent transfer into an outdoor movie theater?

As we all know, the cinema should be like a fixed dark box equipped with projection screen and audio equipment. So how do SHELTER move the cinema from the box to an outdoor dome? Let’s take a further look at the dome cinema solution.

  • Layer 1 – Build a projection screen. SHELTER has attached white elastic fabric to the innermost layer to create a large projection canvas.
  • Layer 2 – Sound absorbing and enhance light isolation. We install insulation cotton to the middle layer. It helps sound absorption and prevent noise pollution. Meanwhile, further blocking the light to ensure screen effect.
  • Layer 3 – The very first and strongest barrier to sunlight. 850 g/sqm Sun-blocking, PVC-Coated Polyester Fabric covers the outermost layer of a dome cinema and isolate light as much as possible.
  • Interior watching deck.. A 10-meter-long watching platform, across the dome, provide stand for audiences.


Multimedia Panoramic Dome Cinema

— Dome Tent Application Extension

  • Projection Dome Classroom. The spherical planetarium dome will offer great help to popularize science and cosmic knowledge by intuitively showing the outer space in front of us
  • Commercial Movie Dome. As immersive projection is getting more and more popular, the panoramic cinema specially opened for 3D movie projection is also came into being. Our dome cinema can absolutely help you grow a business.
  • Event Dome. SHELTER is also specialized in event dome manufacturing. No matter your are looking for dome tents for rental business, or trying to find promotion dome in a affordable price, you can always find high quality dome in diameter from 5m to 60m directly from us.