pool enclosures - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-16

pool enclosures - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-87

pool enclosures - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-50

Aluminum Structured Pool Enclosure for Municipal & Private Fool

How much will it cost to build a  pool enclosure? We promise to offer the economic but also high quality pool tent for our customers.
Shelter Tent – is the leading aluminum tent structure manufacturing company in China.  We have rich experienced in suppling fabric structrues for sports arena cover and sports championship competitions. And those pool enclosures is the most popular amoung all those sports structures. Framed with hard press aluminum alloy, the pool enclosures are light weighted and stainless. When installed onto a solid ground with expansion bolt, they are strong enough to withstand wind at 120km/h. It is the fast installed structure which is perfect for backyard & municipal pool shed, or even school swimming pool buildings.

Service of Shelter

Shelter is dedicated to offer customized sercive for all customers. Let along worldwide timely delivery and meticulous pre-sale Q&A service, we also provide custom design service and turnkey solutions to make the structures itself more funtional. It can be pool enclosures, but also tent canopy for events, parties, or event competitions.

When it comes to “How to build a pool enclosure?”, shelter offer installation instruction as well. So there is nothing to worry about even if this is your first time setting up a tent. We will send a brochue along with our structures, and all the parts will be marked with number. All that you need to do is putting the specific parts together in accordance with the instructions brochue. In addition, we can also send professional installation engineers to offer on-site guidance.