Fabric Structure - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-27

Fabric Structure - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-53
Fabric Structure - sports-structures-indoor-swimming-pool-court-shed-tennis-tent-canopy-for-horse-riding-horse-loading-tent-gym-structures-idea-sports-staidum-cover-68

Sun-blocking Insulated Fabric Structure for Sports Hall

Shelter is an professional manufacturer based in China. We offer Polyvinyl fabric structure framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy for sale. It is the stainless building that can be used for over 20 years. Those sports tent hall is fast erected, time and manpower saving on constructing, and also relocatable. This’s why aluminum tent has become the perfect alternative to traditional sports building Those fast-erected tents are also widely used for wedding recetption and outdoor event venue shed or even exhibition structure.

Custom Service for Tennis Court Structure

Knowing that some sports might requiry higher or wider space for practising and training, Shelter also offer prefab service. You are allowed to custom design the eave height, ridge height, and increase the length by adding 5m units. When talking about the indoor enviornment construction, we also offer air condition and insulation cotton for better performance on temperature reducing.

Model Width
Eave Height
Ridge Height
Bay Distance
Longest Part
Max Wind Load
T018005 15 4.00 8.79 5 7.60 120km/h
T020005 20 4.00 9.17 5 9.11 120km/h
T025005 25 4.00 10.30 5 9.11 120km/h
T030005 30 4.00 13.30 5 11.20 120km/h