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Latest! Affordable, Beautiful, Durable Cassette Flooring System

As temporary tent structures are more widely used in event and wedding industries, more facilities like floor, stage, carpet, lights and etc are needed to build a more competitive event rental business. The cassette floor is one of those elements that would be required for high end, elegant or formal events.
Comparing to the old flooring system that is heavier, thicker, more expensive and less practical, the new cassette floor from SHELTER is more cost-effective.

What’s New on the latest cassette floor

Specification of the new cassette floor

SHELTER has developed and made adjustments on the dimension of wooden panel and aluminum profile, making the new cassette floor lighter and shipping fee reducing. New colors and patters has also been added to expand applications of the tent flooring system.


Cassette floor dimension:
2433 mm*1010 mm*61 mm


Profile Material: Aluminum Alloy
Board thickness: 18 mm
Max load bearing: 300 kg/m2
Weight: 18.7 kg/m2

Colors and Patterns of the New Cassette Floor

SHELTER has developed two different colors for the two coating patterns.
colors-and-patterns-of-cassette-floor-system---shelter-event-tent-solutions 2

Advantages of the new cassette flooring system


The cassette flooring is coated with Anti-Skid latex layer to increase friction and enhance skid resistance.
Hiding cables and supply lines.
the space underneath the wooden board can accommodate the cables and supply lines properly and invisibly.


Easy installation.
Inherited from general event tent cassette floor, the edge profiles of the flooring are designed as tongue and groove profiles, making it modular and quickly installed.
Well decorated the event.
Rather than directly install the tent onto the grass, having the tent set on the cassette floor will make the event more formal and elegant.

Application expansion of the clear span tent with cassette flooring

The cassette floor with a light weight framework and load-bearing capacity of 300 kg/sqm, is widely adopted in temporary structures for different applications.

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