apse tent - temporary fabric structures solutions for wedding reception tents - corporation events and banquet halls - tent marquee for sale in United States Canada US UK (8)

25 x 50 mtr Apse Tent Marquee For Corporation Banquet and Wedding Reception

Project Infomation Tent Product MPT Series – Mixed Party Tent – Triple Peak Marquee Dimension 25 x 50 meters – 82ft * 164ft – Covering 1250 sqm Roofing Material 850 g/sqm...

Dining Tent Marquee for Temporary Restaurant Structure & Banquet Hall - een moment met vlinders - tents structures with roof overhangs for an extra covered patio extension (7)

Dining Tent Marquee with Overhanging Roof for Temporary Restaurant

Project Info Card Tent Product Arched Roof Tent Dimension Total Covering: 20 x 15 meters – 65 ft by 50 ft – 300 m2 Main hall: 10 x 15 meters...

tent solutions - shelter-acrum-marquee-exhibition-tent-for-Lego-Exhibition-UK--(1)

30 x 70m Temporary Exhibition Tent Solutions for Annual Lego Expo

 Project Details  Tent Product: Curved Roof Tent – Arcum Marquee Dimension: 30 x 70 meters | covering 2100 square meters. (approximately 98 ft by 230 ft | covering over 22600...

festival Dome Marquee for mini reDia. 15m Geodesic Dome Marquee with Walkway Covers - 15m half clear top Geodome tent with walkway Shelter Dome in Malaysia (1)

Dia. 15m Festival Dome with Walkway Covers for Outdoor Concert

Festival Dome marquee with transparent front for Outdoor Music Event Shelter Structure designed and manufactured this Festival dome marquee in a diameter of 15m (approximately 50 ft) to cover an...

temporary banquet hall - 20 x 45m fundraising event tent - outdoor party marquee for sale (3)

20m by 45m Temporary Banquet Hall for Annual Fundraising Auction

65ft x 150ft Large Temporary Banquet Hall holding 250 – 300 guests for Annual Auction Gala Shelter proudly designs, manufactures and delivers this temporary banquet hall structure to support an...

temporary sports buildings - Shelter-TFS-35x60m-Sport-tent-Football-court-cover-sport-hall--(12)

Temporary Sports Buildings Construction for Indoor Football Field

35m x 60m Temporary Sports Buildings for Center Circle Indoor Sports, NJ, USA Shelter Tent designs and manufactures such a curved roof structure with double layer roof measuring 35m (115...

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